Who is behind this?

This project is developed by

You can contact us at decodingchallenge[at]

This website is hosted by Inria.

How to cite this work?

@misc{DecodingChallenge, title = {}, author = {Aragon, Nicolas and Lavauzelle, Julien and Lequesne, Matthieu}, url = {}, year = {2019} }

Want to contribute?

This a collaborative project intended to be useful for the code-crypto community. There are several ways you can contribute. Here are a few things that could help.

  1. Solve some challenges!
  2. Talk about the project to other members of the community.
  3. Do you have to propose some projects for student at your university? Have them work on new implementations to solve some challenges!
  4. Generate new independent instances of the trapdoor challenges with your own choice of random seed to ensure that the challenge is fair (see the Goppa and quasi-cyclic challenges).
  5. Contribute to the documentation.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to help in any way.

Latest news
18-03-2020. New challenge: large weight ternary syndrome decoding.
28-01-2020. It is now possible to submit a solution to a challenge that was already solved! The ten first persons to solve a challenge will appear in the hall of fame.
20-01-2020. New feature: tooltips give an indication of complexity of the challenges.
06-09-2019. New challenges for the Goppa-McEliece and the Quasi-Cyclic challenges.
20-08-2019. Announcement of the challenge at Crypto 2019 conference.
12-08-2019. All challenges are now online.
21-07-2019. Website is online.
12-07-2019. Contact email is active.